Health & Safety at BCL Contracts

It is the policy of BCL contracts Ltd to promote standards of Health & Safety within our workforce that exceeds the best practice set out in our industry.Our valuable experience in the roofing and cladding industry together with our commitment to allocating sufficient time, finances and competent staff to each individual project ensures that we identify any foreseeable hazards at the earliest possible stage to enable us to implement control measures and avoid or reduce the associated risks.It is our aim to ensure the safety, health and welfare of our workforce, contractor, members of the public and any other stakeholders.BCL Contracts Ltd is in compliance with the Health & Safety code and regulations.All our staff have the appropriate knowledge, experience and training to assist them in carrying out their activities on site in a safe and secure manner and our open door policy on consultation ensures that no hazard or defect goes unreported and is therefore addressed prior to developing..