About Us | BCL Contracts

 BCL Contracts Ltd. was incorporated in November 2004, by Colum Breen, Managing Director, who has vast, extensive experience and knowledge in the envelope and roofing sectors for over 20 years. During his tenure BCL Contracts Ltd has been involved in some high profile and technical projects including the well known Thomond Park Rugby Stadium, where the Sponsor deemed the project a success, i.e. on time, within budget, no safety incidence while working with many complex constraints.BCL Contracts Ltd involvement at tender/bid stage with the main contactors has proved mutually beneficial, in consulting on the design, material specification and alternative materials without any implications to the over all design or life cycle of the roofing materials. BCL Contracts Ltd has full commitment and all the technical back up from our supply chain.We at BCL Contracts Ltd have a proven track record in providing design and build application to projects, which all have been completed to the satisfaction and endorsement of the sponsors, world renowned architects and consultant engineers.

Innovative Solutions

We believe that through collaboration, there are always alternatives, safer, better and cost efficient ways of executing projects. Thinking outside the box is never far from our approach if it means more efficient, timely delivery of the project. As often as possible, we work closely with the client’s professional design team at the early stages to produce practical solutions that will pay dividends when the project gets on site.


BCL Contracts Ltd has developed a single minded need for solid management, financial security and tax compliance.Colum Breen, Managing Director, is confident of delivering exponential growth over the next decade, as a leading specialist in envelope and roofing, where appropriate providing consultative design and engineering expertise at the design stage to niche sectors in the construction industry. This is where BCL Contracts Ltd revenues have grown consistently over the last six years. It is against this background that BCL Contracts Ltd is able to perform with confidence and competence. BCL Contracts Ltd business philosophy is in customer service and in building strong lasting relationships.